noun      |      voy•age      |      /ˈvoi-ij/

: a long journey involving travel by sea or in space.
Synonyms: trip, expedition, excursion, tour

VoyagesThere is no mistaking the physical exploration entailed in this simple definition of a voyage, and yet the word’s Latin origin, viaticum, or “provisions for a journey,” calls to mind far more than embarkment alone. The origin of the word itself invites us to consider the predicate needs at our own or others’ starting point(s): How will we prepare ourselves? What will allow us, inspire us, or force us to leave our present situation in pursuit of something beyond our realm of experience?

Further, as we consider moving into new spaces and new experiences, we begin to see that voyages can be physical, intellectual, or emotional; they are about process and change, and they challenge us to endure sacrifice and hardship. Whether they are narrative journeys, creative personal expressions, or critical explorations of history, pedagogy, race, gender, class, or (dis)ability, voyages require courage and open-mindedness as they land us in unusual places and connect us to new (or more complex) relationships.

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